NeorderDAO governance token N3DR Pumping up over 2200% on the first day of launch

If social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram is an essential innovation of Web 2.0, then into the wave of Web 3.0, SocialFi will become the basic logic of the overall value network.

NeorderDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that helps people reclaim their discourse under the trend of Web 3.0 and return the benefits of technological development taken by  companies, organizations and governments in Web 2.0. Its official website was launched on May 5th at 13:00 UTC, with the opening of three core functions: FomoTrading, Central node system and Social-Defi. The governance token, N3DR, listed on PancakeSwap at the same time, with a peak of 2200% and a stable 500% increase on the first day of launch.

NeorderDAO governance token N3DR Pumping up over 2200% on the first day of launch

Currently, N3DR holders have exceeded 8000, the pool size is also increasing gradually, the predictable result is that the liquidity pool will getting bigger and bigger, the number of consensus reached is more and more, NeorderDAO will give the benefits to the early supporters would be more and more generous.

NeorderDAO has three core mechanisms, which are FomoTrading Jackpot, Central Node communication incentive system, and Social-Defi staking machanism. The three systems provide a constant motive power through the initial allocation and trading commissions.

FomoTrading is easy to understand, NeorderDAO takes 30% of each transaction fee and minted it into two bonus pools: FO pool and MO pool. Both pools are equally capped, but only one pool is drawn each time, which ensures that there will always be a jackpot to draw from and no need to re-accumulate.

There are two conditions for the jackpot to be drawn, and drawn when either one is met. One is that no one has been buying for 60 minutes (it’s hard to go by project heat!) The second is that the jackpot is automatically drawn when both pools are full.

The winning condition is selected by the Chainlink for 30 buyers close to the drawing with more than 1000USDT buyers . Basically everyone has the possibility to win! It is highly recommended to buy a 1000USDT near the time of the draw, at that time there will be a large number of large buy orders, the price will be reaching up into the sky, the chances of winning are also very high, you can say that it is risk-free and profitable!

NeorderDAO governance token N3DR Pumping up over 2200% on the first day of launch

Since the FomoTrading feature was launched, just a short time has passed for the early partners to enjoy the fun of getting bonuses.

The Central Node communication incentive system is built on the basis of a scientific system of communication and genetic algorithms. All participants who successfully bring in users are able to share 40% of the total N3DR and 40% of the trading comissions. The excellent contract development and design makes the record of fission-style spreading possible as well. The earlier you join Central Node, the more you spread, the longer the spreading chain, the higher the revenue share.

The Social-Defi Staking machanism truly combines social behavior with Defi Farming, allowing all users to earn compound interest, with three levels of lock-in 7 days, 14 days, 28 days. It is free to choose, allowing early users to capture the value of time.

Of course, many people will worry about security when choosing a project. After all, the concept of “Approve” exists in smart contracts, and as a computer program, it is difficult to get rid of bugs. once a security hole is exploited, it is highly likely to lead to catastrophic consequences.

NeorderDAO governance token N3DR Pumping up over 2200% on the first day of launch

NeorderDAO has been audited by QuillAudits, a smart contract security audit agency that is part of QuillHash, which ensures the reliability of smart contracts by comprehensively evaluating the system’s infrastructure and smart contract code bases. They provide a complete solution to identify and determine bugs and logic defaults in smart contracts.

NeorderDAO governance token N3DR Pumping up over 2200% on the first day of launch

NeorderDAO will soon launch the identity NFT with application scenarios, which can also increase the weight of DAO governance proposals, and the holder can enjoy the identity similar to shareholders, further enhancing the sense of belonging and motivation of participants. The NFT is limited to 1000 pieces and is expected to be officially announced next week.


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