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01/16/2024 • GMT-0400000000-04:000128am24

Ordistar—the world’s first celebrity inscription exchange

Singapore City, 01-15-2024 – Ordistar, a company dedicated to promoting the integration of art and blockchain technology, today announced the official launch of its new inscription application platform on the 22nd-25th of this month. The launch of this innovative platform marks the in-depth integration of art and technology, providing a new interactive experience for art fans and artists. Ordistar’s inscription application platform is based on the blockchain technology of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is committed to creating a safe, trustworthy, and highly interactive art exchange ecosystem. Through this platform,…

09/11/2022 • th000000228am24

The dark horse of wealth HashBox: Using blockchain technology to help the World Cup guessing

HashBox is an innovative application based on the integration of “blockchain + big data” by Hong Kong Hash Financial Services and Singapore Titan Foundation. With its own unique fun and user experience as the core development concept, it quickly opens up new opportunities. door to the world. Utilize the advantages of Hashbox’s decentralization to help the quiz of the World Cup. At that time, all the information and funds of the World Cup quiz will be recorded on the blockchain and publicized on the whole network, and users can better…

09/02/2022 • FebruaryWed, 28 Feb 2024 03:07:01 -04000728am24

Together DAO will start a huge comprehensive and practical DAO ecological project

Together DAO aims to build a huge comprehensive and practical DAO ecological project, integrating NFT, Social, VC, incubation, content creation and other types of applications on the platform, providing users with a variety of DAO functions and various business scenarios services, experience in A platform ecology is convenient to switch to participate in the use of multiple functions.The project token TD will be traded at Pancake swap at 20:00 on September 2 (UTC+8).

08/19/2022 • FebruaryWed, 28 Feb 2024 03:07:01 -04000728am24

Revolution DAO destroys 66% of its tokens, paving the way for a new 2.0 phase

Revolution DAO passed and executed the destruction of 7509490 RLDs through the Snapshot proposal. Since the start of minting, the project has destroyed a total of 850,8264 RLDs, which translates to approximately $11.89 million based on real-time prices. In terms of the proposal, the treasury set aside 300,000 RLDs for rewards to the governance committee and the development of eco-products. This move means that RLD is further deflated in market circulation and more clearly a fully community oriented deflationary utility token, unleashing huge price upside. According to the latest news,…

07/26/2022 • GMT-0400000000-04:000128am24

Carry the charm of a disruptive new game that is more popular than fomo3D

Carry is currently on the market long-awaited disruptive innovation decentralized new mechanism on the chain platform, using a new way of entry 2 out of 1 out of the game, while 50% of the entry funds given out of the order, 20% divided to the entry single, 20% divided to the promoter, 4% given to the NFT holder, 1% of the tail single prize pool divided to the most tail into 10 lucky people, the team only retains 5% as technical transport and peacekeeping Development of new ecology. The team…

07/16/2022 • tham29000000Wed, 28 Feb 2024 03:07:01 -040028am24

RevolutionDAO (RLD) launched on the PANCAKE, the price was released, and the global consensus.

July16,UTC-12:00,RevolutionDAO officially online pancake, online price is 0.005BNB/RLD. after completing the minting of the primary market, for the opening of the secondary market, will introduce high liquidity under the mechanism guarantee, the price will be further released, at the same time, based on the volume and popularity of PANCAKE, we will continue to do Compliance increment, and maintain high speed to promote the globalization of the project. Promoting the combination of capital influence and community influence to achieve a new economic order and supranational governance system is the new strategy…

06/25/2022 • tham29000000Wed, 28 Feb 2024 03:07:01 -040028am24

 RevolutionDao global launch is approaching, building civilization on the chain

On June 25, 2022, RevolutionDao officially released a one-day countdown to its global launch, launching a global decentralization practice that has stirred the world. After a long period of planning and deployment, RevolutionDao has completed iterations related to design, development, implementation, auditing and services, based on achieving a new economic model – an economic system controlled by the community, which allows everyone’s motivation and values to remain highly aligned, breaking the boundaries of win-win . This could be a historic event to join in and push the boundaries of freedom…


Hot News BNFGT IDO is officially launched

According to BNFGT’s official Twitter post, BNFGT team officially opened IDO after more than a year of development and testing. The world’s first natural resource NFT trading platform, integrating creation, publishing, trading, auction, and playing to earn, creating a new way to play in the metaverse world. BNFGT realizes the perfect integration of DeFi, NFT and meta-universe, presenting financial products as games, gamifying DeFi applications, and combining DeFi with games through NFT to form the GameFi system. Through the revenue aggregator, liquidity mining and the “NFT+DeFi+Game” ecosystem, the GameFi infrastructure…

06/21/2022 • GMT-0400000000-04:000128am24

Fortune DAO Recruit FTD Partner Node

Invite more than 10 NFT one-star Iron element cards to become partnership node. 4000 one-star Iron element NFTs. First come, First served! Fortune DAO(FTD), is issued in Binance Smart Chain. In DAO organization, players can obtain rewards through NFT lending, NFT casting decomposition, NFT mining and other functions. Fortune DAO has added the innovative concept of NFT+MetaVerse. The platform takes energy refining as the theme to help players achieve the purpose of playing to earn, while players can interact in real time to highlight the characteristics of SocialFi. Players can…

06/01/2022 • 09-04:00282-04:000128am24

After August 30, 2022, the reward rules for users participating in TSwap node PK will be changed

After August 30, 2022, the reward rules for users participating in TSwap node PK are changed as follows:   1.The users need to pay intention fee of 1wU.   2.For the users participating in PK, the reward will be changed from 1,000wq to 500wq.   3.For the users participating in node PK, the gift for purchase of 1,000wq will be changed from 600wq to 300wq.   4.For the users winning node PK, the gift will be changed from 10,000wq to 5,000wq.   5.For the users winning node PK, the reward…