Quant trading is the first choice to overcome the bear market of cryptocurrency? GoTaurus is going to take you go through the Crypto Quant

Quant trading is the first choice to overcome the bear market of cryptocurrency? GoTaurus is going to take you go through the Crypto Quant

In the first half of 2022, the cryptocurrency market began to fluctuate until it entered the so-called bear market in the second half of 2022, the value of many cryptocurrencies fell by more than 80%, or even more than 90%, from their historical highest price (ATH), cause fear and panic among crypto market, and the traders in the secondary market felt helpless and had no way to start. Many traders like to call the current secondary market a ‘monkey market’, in most of the cases, everyone knows how to make money in the bull market, and even open a big position. However, many people is struggling and don’t know what to do in the bear market, and for the current ‘monkey market’, it is difficult for them to fight back. In fact, traders who have experienced in the crypto bearl market know that “there are only two ways to make money in this situation, one is mining, and the other is quantitative trading.”, which said by many influencers in crypto market. And now GoTaurus is going to take you to go through it.


Quantitative trading involves using quantitative methods and algorithms to execute strategies. This has a broad set of uses; a typical example might be a trader using a mathematical model to take a position on what an asset “should” be worth before carrying out a trade. Models like these are designed to leverage information the market may be missing, such as what happens to a company or an industry when interest rates move in a particular direction. By the end of October 22 2022, the global market cap of cryptocurrency is 949.1 billion US dollar, moreover, there are 13253 cryptocurrencies and 598 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, BTC is accounting for 38.5% and ETH is 16.4%.

Quant trading is the first choice to overcome the bear market of cryptocurrency? GoTaurus is going to take you go through the Crypto Quant

Therefore, you have more time to trade in crypto market and also more opportunities considering the trading hour is 7*24, besides, more trading data will be generated which is helpful for the modeling especially in the era of big data. Moreover, The Application of the Program Trading Mode is necessary due to the long trading hour and it allows you to seize the opportunity when you are taking a break or sleeping. Furthermore, it can be better to track the profit and monitor the risk if there is a risk control system.


The high threshold of quant trading might be one of the difficulties for the individual users, due to it requires some deep understanding in finance, mathematics, block-chain and computer programming, more importantly, it requires the capability of risk control, as well as the foundation of comprehensive risk management, otherwise, you might cause huge loss when the you are facing the market fluctuation.


There are two types of quant trading products in the market: one, require you to deploy the local server and write the strategies ( generally use Python ) or pay to use strategies from others, another one is, you don’t have to deploy the local server and pay to use strategies. The core element of quant trading is the strategy, the frequently-used strategies of trading are Alpha, CTA, arbitrage strategy, pairing strategy, grid strategy, Martin strategy, etc. There is no perfect strategy, only perfect combination and risk control.

Quant trading is the first choice to overcome the bear market of cryptocurrency? GoTaurus is going to take you go through the Crypto Quant

How to choose quant trading platforms when you are facing various of them?


Cryptocurrency market is still stay in its early stage, and there are various people in this industry. However, base on the experience of past 3 years, more and more quant trading platforms will be eliminated due to its Irregular or poor risk control capability, therefore, it is better to do a research in terms of team background, size, performance and the word of mouth. First of all, it is important to have a group of talent people who have relevant knowledge or background regarding this industry, besides, making a basic judgement base on the past working experience, achievement and performance. Furthermore, if the platforms have a large management of fund which also means it is trusted and favored by its customers, and they don’t have to worry about the security of fund. Moreover, despite the past achievement can not represent the future achievement, it can be a persuasive evidence to show its performance and have the capability to achieve outstanding return. Lastly, the word of mouth can be an important reference, the platform may have a good reputation if it is approved by some experienced investors or its rivals. Thus, it requires customers to evaluate from various dimensions so that they can have a comprehensive judgement of a trading platforms as well as having a better understanding of their risk and return.


All in all, the company could be reliable if it exists in the market for more than 3 years, therefore, it is recommended to choose the company like GoTaurus to do quant trading and fund management.


GoTaurus is a financial technology company and headquarter in Singapore, invested by QUANT OF KING PTE Capital. GoTaurus focuses on the quant trading of cryptocurrency and financial derivatives market. It has cooperated with the world’s biggest exchanges Binance and OKEX, allow the users to achieve 7×24 hours automatic arbitrage. Moreover, the monthly turnover is up to $1 billion. After more than two years of integration of traditional financial market strategies, the active users of GoTaurus have reached to over 30,000. We are dedicating to provide a more intelligent, more comprehensive, more stable and more profitable quant strategy application for traders worldwide.


Intelligent crypto selection

The Intelligent trend quantification application automatically identifies the crypto that can be traded based on two perspectives: the global market capitalization ranking and trading activities, thus, helping customers to avoid the risk.


Quant trading is the first choice to overcome the bear market of cryptocurrency? GoTaurus is going to take you go through the Crypto Quant


Smart position building

The original position building strategy is created by GoTaurus intelligent trend quantification; besides, the first position is reasonably allocated base on the user’s funds, and the position building is completed intelligently by AI trend analysis.


Prevent huge drop and false breakouts

The intelligent trend quantification application will automatically identify whether the price is going to be huge drop or false breakouts, so as to avoid unnecessary short covering and reduce capital loss.


Tracking target profit

GoTaurus intelligent trend quantification application has a variety of profit models. When the profit point is reached and the market quotation continues, AI will always hold and stop the profit at the reasonable price to help users get the maximum profit.


Quant trading is the first choice to overcome the bear market of cryptocurrency? GoTaurus is going to take you go through the Crypto Quant


Flexible time

GoTaurus intelligent trend quantification application only requires users to access their API of the exchange, and it can simultaneously quantify multiple cryptos 7 * 24, besides, it is not necessary to configure a server to run a strategy robot.


Quant engine

The industry-leading high frequency trading, overcome the bear market.


There are various quant trading platforms at the moment, majority of the exchanges are also deploy this technic, GoTaurus achieves an outstanding monthly rate of 10%-15%, which really rare in this industry. Quantification was originally a new product under the Internet big data, and the promotion of quantitative trading naturally attributed to the progress and development of science. In recent years, block-chain become more and more popular with the rapid development of information revolution and technology, including the improvement of the technology like quant trading is becoming a core driver in the development financial industry. New technological concepts and thinking innovations such as web3.0, meta universe, DeFi and GemiFi in the industry have changed the original competitive pattern and blockchain ecosystem of the financial industry.


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