STCDAO officially launches with a global $10 billion wealth bonanza

StcDao is the first GP-free community-driven DAO organisation that is 100% owned, governed and driven by the DAO community.
Comprised of crypto OGs, entrepreneurs, independent researchers, NFT V’s and Web3 enthusiasts, StcDao aims to create a borderless, Web3 DAO organization that benefits more people. According to the information disclosed in the official tweet, the layout was made as early as February this year, close to 6 months of preparation, the quality of NFT seen so far is top-notch, the official information disclosed about the operation team, traveled overseas, participated in many first-class animation and film production, DAO mechanism is perfect, with the essence of DAO concept, I personally think STCDAO has the potential of a dark horse. First of all, 30% of the funds from the sale of NFT were used to build a position in BTC, which at the moment is oscillating downward. The US dollar continues to raise interest rates and taper, which is a good opportunity to build a position and use the cycle of BTC to lead STCDAO users through the bull and bear cycle, which deserves recognition. The second point is that STCDAO’s ecological route belongs to landable planning and is not a boast. It is worth looking forward to! The above views represent my personal views only and do not constitute investment advice.

STCDAO가 공식 런칭되고,  수백억 달러 규모의 부의 향연 글로벌 런칭