OneDEX’s Strong Rise | A New Star in the Encrypted World

Blockchain technology, as one of the most innovative technologies in the 21st century, is breaking the monopoly and unfairness of traditional finance. Today, with the vigorous development of blockchain, the rise of various concepts is undoubtedly an effective exploration of the future development of blockchain. For ordinary people, financial attributes are one of the most attractive features of blockchain.


So, the DEX exchange is one of the bridges connecting users and blockchain, with over 800 million users globally participating in DEX transactions, and this number is continuously increasing with the continuous development of blockchain technology.

OneDEX's Strong Rise | A New Star in the Encrypted World

DEX, also known as Decentralized Exchange, can be understood as a decentralized platform that supports digital currency transactions. The DEX trading platform has both advantages and disadvantages. Although it is difficult to achieve true decentralization, investors have never stopped exploring DEX.


Recently, Hong Kong has vigorously encouraged the construction and development of digital currencies, and various trading platforms have continued to emerge. In this era, OneDEX has risen strongly.


OneDEX was initiated by the Singapore NFT FOUNDATION LIMITED Foundation, established in 2021 and certified by ACRA. It is one of the world’s top foundations, with a management and investment team composed of experienced blockchain industry elites and web3.0 experts. Its investment scope covers blockchain tracks such as Crypto, NFT, Layer2, DeFi derivatives, web3.0, and has invested in projects such as Yuga Labs, zkSync, Stepn, Polygon, etc, Both have achieved good investment returns.


So, what exactly is OneDEX?


OneDEX is a decentralized trading platform based on blockchain investment services, derivatives, options trading, and more, with DAO autonomy as the core.

OneDEX's Strong Rise | A New Star in the Encrypted World

As an innovative digital asset trading platform in the financial ecosystem, OneDEX has emerged at the top of the wave with community-based, efficient, and secure digital asset trading. It perfectly integrates the advantages of centralized and decentralized trading – strong liquidity, high security, credibility, transparency, and fairness and efficiency development. Reasonable industry dividend distribution mechanism is the core of OneDEX’s development, Intended to enable traders and investors to share the wealth brought by blockchain technology while obtaining more diverse, reliable, and secure trading services.


In 2023, the NFT Foundation collaborated with Swiss companies such as Glencore, Andreessen Horowitz, Blockscore, Ruala innovations, Digital currency group, Program Ace, and NEL Fund Management to jointly promote the ecological development of OneDEX, turning it into a star project in the industry, and benefiting every consensus participant with the dividends brought by OneDEX.


In 2023, join OneDEX and embark on your encryption journey!