An extraordinary Valentine’s Day on February 14! The SuperCells Token (SCT) angel whitelist is now open, and there are even more stem cell Standard package lotteries!

According to the SuperCells Foundation’s official news, the SuperCells Foundation has now launched its SCT angel round whitelist campaign on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

An extraordinary Valentine's Day on February 14! The SuperCells Token (SCT) angel whitelist is now open, and there are even more stem cell Standard package lotteries!



Valentine’s Day meets with the SCT angel round whitelist

The SuperCells Token (SCT) angel whitelist is available for sale with limited amount!

Time: February 14th – February 20th

Total amount: 1,000,000 USDT

Limit per person: 100 USDT

Payment receiving address: 0x5A065c8b6Bf86bef0Dc815046f2D1c1EC490eca4

Rules: After completing the survey: [questionnaire], users can get a whitelist quota of 100U per whitelist; one super cell Standard package – Package A (worth 100,000 USDT) will be airdropped for every 2,000 people on the whitelist, and the winner will be confirmed in the form of a lottery.

It is reported that the package mainly focuses on health care and basic treatments, including: a full body anti-aging age reversal program, a comprehensive total health care maintenance and skin rejuvenation program, a subhealth total health care maintenance program (Covid prevention and cure) and other areas. They all contain a core confidential formula, obtained national patent technologies and are suitable for most people.

Participation rules

  1. Fill in the questionnaire (link) to get the whitelist quota.
  2. Assets that are invested after the total amount of quota is sold out will be returned in the way it was sent within 3 days



About SuperCells

SuperCells is the world’s first super cell membership service ecosystem based on a blockchain’s operation, creating a metaverse of super cell storage, cultivation, R&D, trading, service, and incubation.


SuperCells is the first Web3 super cell metaverse ecology in the field that was created based on blockchain technology. It builds a vast network of the demand-side, service-side, community-side, and supervision-side. It provides various financial approaches using the SCT token economy, and it opens the door for the stem cell medical care economy to enter the blockchain finance as well as DeFi liquidity, which is expected to attract trillions of dollars of untapped value.

SuperCells is a newly developed product of life science and technology and may encounter barriers to patient acceptance and use. Especially in developing countries where market extension may be slower than expected. However, with its proven experience in stem cell medical care, technological breakthroughs and strong convergence of various initiatives, SuperCells is perfectly positioned to overcome this.

SuperCells possesses the world’s top talents in stem cell medical care technology, it has reached the top requirements in product R&D and application, and has the absolute strength to digitalize its industrialization. Finally, with the metaverse digital ecology formed by the Web3.0 technology, with blockchain as the core, promotes a new round of medical revolution. This unique model has also become a hot topic for research in academia and in the industry, helping stem cell medical care to flourish.



Project Token Economics

SCT (SuperCells Token) is the payment token of the SuperCells platform and is the governance token of the SuperCells metaverse.

SCT is the core native token in the SuperCells ecosystem. Token holders can participate in the management of the platform and vote on almost all matters. In addition, SCT can be used in SuperCells to pay for services, the following are the specific usage scenes:

  • Stem cell therapy with discounted payment: You can choose to enjoy a 20% discount for transactions paid with cash and a 50% discount for transactions paid with SCTs, thanks to the trading agreements.
  • The Foundation eco-governance: SCT holders can establish sub-foundations through the Foundation, which has a role of governance
  • The SuperCells community governance: the content posted by users will dissipate SCTs on the chain.
  • Sub-fund creation and management: We provide a two-way demand service for members and medical institutions
  • Pledge and campaign reward acquirement: Participation in various activities of the ecology, including registration, whitelisting, pledging, sponsorship, and other campaigns that have reward, are all required to own SCTs.

The token model uses a burning mechanism to reduce the amount of circulating supply, which will create a stable deflationary price for token holders while maintaining the availability of tokens. SCT tokens will initially be issued with 5 billion tokens, with additional tokens to be issued later based on market liquidity and project development. To exchange, directly click on the SuperCells Foundation website at


SCT initial release distribution rules, Team rewards, Foundation pledge reward pool, Foundation release pool, Marketing operations and Branding, Funder rewards, User rewards


It is reported that $SCT is in the process of being released on several first-tier trading platforms, we believe that there will be new actions soon, and the market conditions may cause a new round of rises. As the circulation core of the world’s first stem cell medical care platform, $SCT will definitely increase in value in the future following the increase of application scenes. From this point of view, the future of $SCT is still promising.


Development Roadmap

SuperCells had a very clear roadmap before launching in the market and closely tracked its progress. All phases of work were completed earlier than the announced roadmap time, with frequent actions in the direction of technology development, institutional cooperation, marketing operations and active outward expansion. In the first quarter of this year, the SuperCells official website and the SuperCells community went live with plan to pass the data security audit of Slowmist


SuperCells’ next major initiatives:

  • Second quarter of 2023

APP online, completion of the stem cell product service reservation use function

SuperCells member service community launch

Super cell license application

  • Third Quarter of 2023

Establishment of the global member service center in China (Hong Kong)

Establishment of the global member service center in China (Zhuhai)

Increase of 5 types of super cell product service packages

The super cell lab’s research results complete 2 projects

Global member service center opening in 5 countries and 8 regions

  • Fourth Quarter of 2023

Supercell product therapy service provider signed in France

Establishment of the global member service center in Korea (Seoul) completed

SuperCells public chain development

SuperCells patent achievement and metaverse technology release conference.



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